Grab Car Driver Denies Political Discrimination, Reveals Truth



Laila Afifa

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    TEMPO.CO, JakartaGrab Car driver Anjar Mujiono clarified the recent viral testimony of him ousting a passenger out of political discrimination. The alleged passenger claims to have been a victim of different political choices in the upcoming presidential election.

    “I assert that [the viral info] is pure slander,” said Anjar today, Feb. 28.

    The complaint from the female passenger was posted to Twitter by her friend named Jeng Rini with a twitter account under the username @Widyarenee on February 25.

    Jeng Rini recalled the experience of Eva who claimed to be Anjar’s passenger at the time and said that Anjar had intentionally chosen a longer route and told Eva to get out of the car. Jeng Rini also quoted Anjar’s alleged discriminative statement in the Twitter post.

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    “If I knew you were a supporter of the number 1 presidential candidate (Jokowi) I would have chosen not to pick you up. Please get out now,” said the Twitter post.

    Furthermore, Anjar remembered ousting one passenger that day of the incident on February 23, but the passenger was listed as Eve, not Eva. He also said that the reason was purely on safety concerns. “Not because of contrasting presidential choice,” he said.

    According to the Grab Car driver, it was Eve who instigated the safety-risk by demanding Anjar to weave in between heavy traffic to reach her destination quicker. Anjar also claimed Eve was ever so demanding him to do what she said.

    “It was in the middle of a traffic jam and I was told to zig-zag, which I refused to do to avoid any accidents,” said Anjar.

    A brief argument sparked, he said, which led him to make a decision to oust Eve off of his car and requested her to order another Grab Car service. Until this moment, he maintained that the initial news of him ousting Eve because of political differences was a lie and already reported the incident to Grab management.