Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Chinese Citizen with E-KTP, Jokowi Camp: Systematic Hoax



Laila Afifa

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  • Head of Jokowi's National Campaign Team (TKN). Tempo/Fikri Arigi.

    Head of Jokowi's National Campaign Team (TKN). Tempo/Fikri Arigi.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Jokowi – Ma’ruf Amin campaign team (TKN) views the rumor of a Chinese citizen owning an official Indonesian ID card (e-KTP) as another attempt to delegitimize the general election (Pemilu).

    TKN member Lukman Edy argues that the troubling rumor is similar to another hoax that spread disinformation of 7 containers filled with cast ballots that went rounds several months back.

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    “This is why we support the General Election Commission (KPU) that have reported this case to the police. This will be able to track down the mastermind who faked an ID card that we presume to be edited,” said Lukman Edy in Jakarta on Wednesday, Feb. 27.

    He thinks that the spread of hoax is consistently aimed at the government and election organizers meant to create public distrust against the upcoming general election.

    “This is a disaster for the consolidation of democracy,” said Lukman.

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    A photo of electronic ID cards (e-KTP) shared by two different identities went viral on social media. It suggests that one ID card is owned by someone named Bahar and another one under the name Guohui Chen, who is said to be a Chinese national that has an official ID card in Cianjur.

    KPU took this case to the police and strongly suspects that the viral photo of the ID cards is a doctored image.