Jokowi to Continue 7 Programs If Re-Elected in 2019 Election



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaIncumbent candidate Joko Widodo or Jokowi has pledged to continue his flagship programs if re-elected in the 2019 presidential election. Jokowi made the statement Sunday, February 24, during his national speech in an event dubbed Konvensi Rakyat at Sentul International Convention Center (SICC), Bogor, West Java.

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    There are at least seven programs that Jokowi will continue and develop if re-elected for a second period as Tempo noted as follows:

    1. The Family Hope Program (PKH)

    Jokowi noted that for the past four years, the government had helped 10 million families through the Family Hope Program or PKH. Hence, he planned to improve the program with low-price of basic foods card. “I’ll issue a card like this to support PKH,” said Jokowi while holding up a card in his hand.

    1. Indonesian Smart Card (KIP)

    A total of 18.7 million students had owned Indonesian Smart Card for their school needs. The program, Jokowi vowed, will be continued in a bid to create a smart society, as well as upgrade it for university students. “The KIP now only valid for students up to high schools, we will upgrade it for university students to help education cost starting children early education to college,” Jokowi said.

    1. Indonesian Health Card (KIS)

    Jokowi said that the health of 92.4 million people owning the Indonesian Health Card (KIS) was assured and they will not collapse should their family member need medical treatment. So the program will be continued as the health security for Indonesian people.

    1. MEKAAR and UMi

    Women’s group program dubbed MEKAAR and the ultra-micro financing (UMi) credit program, said Jokowi, had assisted 1.2 million Indonesian women to obtain business capital worth Rp7 trillion. “This year, MEKAAR and UMi programs will be increased from 4 million to 10 million beneficiaries,” Jokowi noted.

    1. Land Certification

    The government had distributed over 5 millions of land certificate in 2017 and more than 7 million certificates in 2018. “We targeted to deliver 9 million certificates in 2019. And next year as many as 11 million certificates will be handed to the people,” Jokowi underlined.

    1. Village Fund

    For the past four years, the total of Village Fund amounted to Rp187 trillion, from which Jokowi claimed that village infrastructure and the economy, as well as the people’s income, gradually developed. “For the next five years, we set a target of 400 trillion for village fund.”

    1. Vocational Program

    Jokowi further promised to issue Pre-Employment Card in a bid to improve skills of job seekers and layoffs, improve the quality of workers’ skills by increasing the number of Vocational Training Centers (BLK), and improve the university quality by continuing the education endowment program.