Erick Thohir Disagrees with Kalla on Ahok Entering Jokowi Camp



Laila Afifa

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  • Head of Jokowi's National Campaign Team (TKN). Tempo/Fikri Arigi.

    Head of Jokowi's National Campaign Team (TKN). Tempo/Fikri Arigi.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Head of the Jokowi – Ma’ruf Amin campaign team (TKN) Erick Thohir disagrees with the statement of Vice President Jusuf Kalla who said that Basuki “BTP” Tjahaja Purnama, known as Ahok, could drop Jokowi’s electability if included as an official TKN member.

    Erick maintains that Ahok’s support for Jokowi should be seen as any other declaration of support.

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    “I think it’s not like what VP Jusuf Kalla said. Just like Muchdi, BTP individually declaring support for Jokowi is a natural event,” said Erick Thohir today in South Jakarta. However, Erick agrees that it is not essential for BTP to join the TKN structure.

    He believes that the current format of the TKN is running well and highlighted Jokowi’s leading 20 percent electability gap with the opposition, which is a product of the positive movements produced by the TKN.

    “There are many things we mobilized. We maintained many positive activities,” said Erick Thohir.