BPPT Jacks Up Waste-to-Energy Facility Project



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) will optimize the construction of waste-to-energy facility project (PLTSa) as a contribution to solve waste issues in the capital city, said BPPT head Hammam Riza.

    “BPPT will soon finish the first facility of waste-generated power plants in Indonesia as a solution of the landfill problem in big cities, especially in Jakarta,” said Hammam when monitored the final disposal site in Bantar Gebang, Tuesday, February 12.

    BPPT will manage the waste by adopting thermal technology which is able to demolish trashes significantly within a quick time. The technology can daily dispose of some 50 to 100 tons of garbage.

    According to Hammam, thermal technology is the right method to deal with the waste management issue.

    “I believe this pilot project can be used as an eco-friendly precedent measure to manage waste completely,” Hammam underlined. “Besides, the PLTSa project is supported by a domestic industry that is vital to increase the local component level (TKDN).”

    Hammam pinned hope that BPPT will go forward with the PLTSa project that based on the Presidential Decree. Thus, should the project is set as a reference to be developed in a city, a joint study is required to create the best model.

    The Jakarta Environment and Forestry Agency head, Isnawa Adji, said that the technology applied in the TPA Bantar Gebang could be a good standard for Indonesia. “It is time for cities that facing waste management issue to build PLTSa, and I recommend the project to be synergized with BPPT,” Isnawa said.