Musicians Send Recommendation Against Music Draft Bill to DPR



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Malang - Musicians and art workers in Malang declined the music draft bill or RUU Permusikan because of its articles that promote controversy, such as a criminal threat against musicians.

    “RUU Permusikan suppresses musicians in delivering expression and social issue,” said a music enthusiast Dody Ide during a discussion on RUU Permusikan in Malang, Monday, February 11.

    Musicians, Dody added, expressed injustice through a song, but the draft bill cut off them to express their opinion. And thus far, musicians were not invited in drafting the bill.

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    Nova Ruth, who is known as duo Filastine, assessed that the regulation could not be applied for her. The daughter of Toto Tewel said that she often held concerts abroad, and a number of countries in Europe did not regulate music, only the copyright.

    Further, Malang City Culture Commission head Djatmiko deemed that the draft bill on music was not designed transparently and without the presence of musicians. Some articles have indeed protected musicians, but some also curb and hamper practitioners in the music industry. So it has the potential to trigger a new problem.

    “RUU Permusikan has a potential to beset musicians; the freedom of expression and lives of music workers,” he underlined.

    More than 100 musicians, anti-graft activists, academics, students, and art workers attended the discussion about RUU Permusikan which concluded a recommendation proposed to the House of Representatives (DPR) through Indonesian Art Coalition.