Muhammadiyah: Election Must Be as Festive as Independence Day



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • Muhammadiyah chairman Haedar Nashir. ANTARA/Ari Bowo Sucipto

    Muhammadiyah chairman Haedar Nashir. ANTARA/Ari Bowo Sucipto

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The chairman of the Muhammadiyah central board (PP Muhammadiyah), Haedar Nashir, hoped the 2019 general election would take place peacefully. 

    “The political climate during a general election must be festive and lively similar to those of August 17 events (referring to the Independence Day’s festivities every August 17). Don’t make it like an El Clasico event,” said Haedar at the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta today. 

    The El Clasico phrase refers to the fierce rivalry between soccer giants Barcelona and Real Madrid. Haedar also underscored the key roles of intellectuals in planting the seeds of peace among societies. 

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    Haedar said a large number of intellectuals had been less than vocal and opted to be part of the “silent majority” as this demographic generally consisted of humble and low-profile people. He also expressed hopes for this group to emerge as the guide for all societies. 

    “I hope intellectuals can furnish guidance on what politics is, which is a positive tool of democracy as opposed to a tool to wage war or hostility,” said the PP Muhammadiyah chairman.