Pricy Airfares; Minangkabau Airport Devoid of Passengers



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Minangkabau Airport is seeing a decrease of some 2,000 passengers every day. Ground staff assume that the decline is due to the increasing airfares since late 2018.

    "So far on average, there is a decline of 20 percent flights or about 2,000 passengers per day," the airport's general manager Dwi Ananda said in Padang, Sunday, February 10.

    Dwi said the decline has been happening since December. For the number of passengers, Dwi said the decline could reach around 30 percent. 

    The decline, he added, affects revenue as airport tax accounts for 40 percent of Angkasa Pura II's income.

    Previously, Garuda Indonesia president director Ari Askhara said they had reduced the price of tickets by 70 percent. "For selected direct routes it is 70 percent off—not up to 70 percent—but fully 70 percent. There are no more 10-20 percent discount for the low season," Ari said.

    However, he emphasized the 70-percent cut is only for the low season. "In the high season certainly no, everything will definitely go up," he said.

    He also asked ticket purchase sites to include the price before and after discount, so the public would know that the price had been lowered.