Anies Team Finds Two Environmental Impact of Reclamation island



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Depok - Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan`s Team for Accelerated Development (TGUPP) member of the coastal area management unit, Chalid Muhammad, said that the team is currently examining the environment of the reclamation islands in Jakarta Bay. The comprehensive study was conducted in C, D, G, and N Island.

    “Initial finding from the research shows that there is a slow time for the sea to reduce pollutant material such as heavy metal because ocean currents are disrupted,” said Chalid when met at Situ Pladen, Depok, Sunday, February 10.

    According to him, before the construction of reclamation in Jakarta Bay, a natural time to lessen heavy metal takes six days. After the project started, the process takes 12 days, and that means the retention of heavy metals is getting longer.

    “It’s twofold slower than the previous time, so the concentration of heavy metal can likely increase.”

    Chalid further explained that the study revealed a significant increase in the sedimentation due to a closer gap between the reclamation islands and the mainland.

    “So, from the analysis result, it is recommended to widen the distance of the land from the artificial island, so that the retention time of pollutants will not be as bad as now,” he added.

    A study on the environment of the reclamation island, Chalid continued, was still running and was predicted to complete within one to two months ahead.