WhatsApp Uses Machine Learning to Delete False News Accounts

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    TEMPO.CO, JakartaWhatsApp is using machine learning technology to delete two million hoax-spreading accounts.

    "Seventy-five percent of the accounts were blocked by machines without human intervention or reports submitted by users," WhatsApp spokesman Carl Woog told The Star Online, Thursday, February 7.

    VentureBeat reported that the system was built to find users who manipulate the platform to send messages in bulk or create fake accounts to spread unverified content. Fake accounts are automatically banned from the platform at several stages, starting from the time of registration, sending messages and after being reported by others.

    "Regardless of what their goals are, automatic and bulk message delivery violates our service provisions. And one of our priorities is to prevent and stop this kind of abuse," Woog said.

    WhatsApp took this act following the controversy in India where a political party was reported for misusing the messaging app ahead of last year's elections. The political party spread false news to influence voters.

    The application was also misused send messages that incite violence, which claimed dozens of lives in India. In addition, it had been used for riots in Brazil and Myanmar in recent months.