RUU Permusikan: Singer-Turned-Legislator Anang to Meet Musicians



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Singer, and House of Representatives (DPR) Commission X member Anang Hermansyah said that he plans to seek opinions from a larger crowd of musicians to perfect the much-debated draft music bill, known as RUU Permusikan.

    “I ask for everyone to provide me with input. I will hold more discussions with them (musicians),” said Anang at his house in South Tangerang on Tuesday, February 5.

    The National Mandate Party (PAN) member plans to pay a visit to a number of musicians in Yogyakarta, Jember, and Bandung in order to gather input before completing the draft music bill. Anang expressed his willingness to hold more discussions either to gather musicians’ opinions or socialize the Law.

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    Anang argues that the massive resistance against the RUU Permusikan from a large number of musicians in the past days mainly targets a number of Articles within the draft bill. A group consisting of musicians against the draft bill had even emerged which was aptly named ‘national coalition against the RUU Permusikan.’

    Anang Hermansyah said that he welcomes every criticism and advice that have emerged and admits that there are many points in the draft bill that need fixing. The draft music bill was initially produced parallel to several musicians and composed by the DPR’s expertise board.