Saturday, 7 December 2019

53 Indie Musicians Nix Music Draft Bill



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A total of 53 musicians who did not distribute their works through a major record label, otherwise known as indie musicians, have strongly rejected the draft bill on music or RUU Permusikan, saying it would hamper and curb their creativity.

    The musicians—among them Mondo Gascaro, Danilla Riyadi, Agustinus Panji Mardika, Jason Ranti, and Cholil Mahmud—said in a written statement that the draft bill would also overlap with other policies, such as the Law on Electronic Information and Transaction and the Law on Copyright. 

    “If [the government] wants prosperity for musicians, there are already the law on the protection of copyright and others from stronger agencies. So, what RUU Permusikan is for.” said Danilla in a statement received in Jakarta, Sunday, January 3. 

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    According to them, there are 19 problematic articles stipulated in the draft bill, starting from its editorial obscurity, the unclear subject or object that is regulated, up to the fundamental issue on the freedom of expression in music. 

    The music draft bill, they opined, would marginalize independent musicians as it would bar musicians from distributing their works independently, boast a potential to discriminate self-taught musicians to perform in a show as it forced entertainers to pass a competency test, and curtail the creative process as it contained vague articles.