KPU Countermeasures Electoral Hoax and Fake News



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Gorontalo Province General Elections Commission (KPU) member Sophian Rahmola introduced a dedicated team in order to suppress fake news and hoaxes circulating social media platforms.

    The team was formed from KPU’s suspicion on numerous attempts to delegitimize the general election organizers and corrode public trust.

    “There are currently loads of hoax information on the general elections that are intentionally spread. This is why we took a tactical preventive measure against it,” said Sophian, KPU Gorontalo’s division on planning, data, and information today.

    The team is tasked to create and spread contents that act as a clarification to counter the hoaxes related to the elections. These contents come in the form of images and infographics announced by Gorontalo KPU’s official social media account and official website in the ‘hoax pemilu’ column.

    Other preventive measures by KPU Gorontalo for the upcoming election comprise technical guidance on the voters' data information system and the 2019 general elections security systems across Surabaya.