Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Downed Server Cause 50,000 E-KTP Cards Failed to Print



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The two-day printing schedule of 50,000 electronic ID cards (E-KTP) was forced to be canceled after the server used by Depok City to accommodate its residents’ identities failed.

    Depok City Population and Civil Registration Agency (Disdukcapil) reported that the server they had used was not able to be accessed.

    “The server was down from early in the morning and was maintained before it went back to normal,” said Jaka Sutanta, Head of Depok City’s Disdukcapil Civil Registration on Sunday.

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    Despite the server coming back to normal on Saturday afternoon, the E-KTP printing process was still hampered by the fact that its employees were only limited to 3-hour overtime. “The server experienced another technical difficulty when we wanted to attempt to print [the E-KTPs],” said Jaka.

    The two days were initially planned to print 50,000 ID cards of Depok City residents that have registered, either for residents that had just made an E-KTP card or those renewing their non-electronic ID cards.

    Previously, Head of Depok City’s Disdukcapil Misbahul Munir said that the printing of E-KTP cards are important upon succeeding the 2019 General Elections (Pemilu) set to be held on April since it is one of the requirements to cast a vote.