4 Simple Tips to Prevent Diabetes



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Sweet, delicious foods or snacks such as chocolate, cake, and biscuit are hard to resist. Unfortunately, those type of foods potentially generates various health problems for the body.

    Consuming sweets without a balanced diet may prompt diabetes. The World Health Organization (WHO) records that 8.5 percent of adult suffer diabetes, not to mention those who are diagnosed with prediabetes.

    Dealing with diabetes is not an easy task because many foods as those mentioned above will be no longer allowed. As published by health websites mayoclinic and cheatsheet, Tempo summarized four simple tips to prevent diabetes, yet you have to start earlier as possible and be consistent to apply it in your daily life.

    1. Use good cooking oil
    Start using olive oil, canola oil, and other good fat sources for cooking your food, instead of palm oils. Unsaturated fats help to lower risks of diabetes.

    2. Get enough sleep
    Less sleeping is detrimental to your body health and increases risks of diabetes considering those who sleep deprived tend to consume more unhealthy food. The feeling of exhaustion that cannot be overcome with sleep will also trigger people to be less active.

    3. Exercise Regularly
    Being active is the best way to keep a healthy body as well as prevent diabetes. A study reveals that exercising for 150 minutes per week will reduce 26 percent of diabetes risk than those who do not get physical activity. If you exercise for 300 minutes per week, the risk of diabetes will drop by 36 percent.

    4. Control your portion size of food
    Losing extra weight is one of the keys to avoid diabetes, and that related to a healthy diet. However, consuming healthy foods can be tricky, but the most important is to control the portion size of your food.