Vlogger Talks about Political Apathy among Youths



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Conversations or public discussions on politics have increased in the wake of Indonesia’s presidential election set to be held in April, but politics might still be a foreign term for some that are below the age of 30.

    You’ve also heard stories of young people avoid being engaged in political discussions with friends or family because it potentially fuels arguments and conflicts.   

    In an event entitled "100 Persen Indonesia Nyoblos" held by We The Youth organization in South Jakarta, political vlogger Cania Citta Irlanie argues why a large number of youths choose to adopt political apathy.

    “They keep their distance because they think politics is obscure,” she said on Wednesday, January 23.

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    The obscurity in politics according to her is the arguments that arise when individuals talk about the election. Many youths do not enjoy the juvenile arguments without any substance.

    Other than that, she said that some young people are not satisfied with political leaders and candidates running in the general and presidential election.

    “The young people assume that their voice are not heard or being taken seriously,” she continued.

    Cania also said there are groups of young people who never studied politics and are unaware of anything related to it. These types of people are prone to become non-voters (Golput) during an election. Unfortunately, the condition is worsened by insufficient political education from parents.

    “That’s why many youths that do not understand politics tend to avoid being involved,” said Cania Citta Irlanie.