Saturday, 22 February 2020

5 Things to Prepare before Going on Long Term Travel



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Have you ever imagined traveling for a long period of time? It may give you remarkable experiences, but it comes with challenges. Tempo outlined five things you have to keep in mind before starting long-term travel.

    Bigger budget

    First thing first, you need a bigger budget for your trip because long-term travelers mostly spend money on accommodation and transportation. Start saving more money, either in a bank or invest in gold bars or join a social gathering (locally known as arisan).

    Plan a detailed itinerary

    You have to well arrange your trip in advance to have a smooth trip financially. Set your last destination. Plan your routes, accommodation, transportation, and others. In addition, create plan B, C, etc.

    Spending money wisely

    If you have saved huge money for your travel budget and arranged your trip in detail, including back-up plans, the reality may still different to your expectation. Hence, you have to make a commitment with yourself to spend money wisely. You may need to limit your daily expense during your long-term trip. 

    Avoid any temptation

    Every traveler who plans to travel for a long period of time should refrain themselves from any temptation during the trip, for example, buying gifts, visiting entertainment places, checking in famous hotels and so on that out of your budget. It sounds difficult, but you have to differ between your need and want.

    Ready for any challenges

    Other than technical preparation, you have to be ready for any challenges since you may get an inconvenient place to sleep, take economic transport, walk a lot, and starving. Even so, remember when you come home, you will have many stories to tell. So, ready to go on long-term travel?