Disaster Mitigation; What's Inside Emergency Bag

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesia is located in the ring of fire where three big plates meet that put the maritime nation as prone to disaster zone. In maximizing disaster mitigation effort, every family should have an emergency bag.

    According to Head of National Disaster Mitigation Agency's (BNPB) Information and Data Center, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, survival kit should be included inside the emergency bag until the assistance arrived.

    “The bag can be carried immediately when a disaster occurs,” he said. The best emergency bag is a waterproof backpack and emergency kits should be wrapped in plastic before putting them in the bag.

    Here are the things you have to put inside the emergency bag:

    1. First aid kit and personal medicine

    Do not forget to check periodically check your personal prescription that could possibly be added into the first aid kit.

    2. Dust Mask

    Put inside the bag dust mask or any respiratory tool that could help filter dirty air.

    3. Clothes and minimum sanitizer tool

    Put enough clothes for post-disaster along with simple sanitizer such as wet tissue, dry tissue, napkin, liquid detergent, etc.

    4. Lighting tool

    Flashlight and additional batteries are important in caase of no electricity after the disaster. NBring also candle, matches, and headlight.

    5. Cash

    Prepare enough cash for at least 3 days

    6. Water

    Prepare drinking water and light sanitizer worth for at least 3 days. Make sure the water will be in good condition for quite a long time.

    7. Preserved food and minimum tableware

    Put high protein instant foods enough for 3 days and always double check its expiration date. Bring also pocketknife, spoons, forks and plates.

    8. Communication tools

    Prepare portable radio, phone, or any emergency communication tool and extra battery.

    9. Whistle

    Whistle is reliable in every emergency situation since you can use it to send signals on your whereabouts.

    10. Important document

    Place the important document and the copy in one plastic folder.

    11. Special supply

    Particular supply for baby, woman, and elderly, such as baby porridge, diaper, menstrual pads, and elderly diaper should also be incuded inside the disaster emergency bag.

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