Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Avoid Family Argument Driven by Different Presidential Choice



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Many arguments or debates take place among the general public in the wake of Indonesia’s 2019 Presidential Election. Debates sparked by personal preference could also disrupt a family household.

    Debates among family members with contrasting voting preferences may come up often, especially in Whatsapp group chats, that can create an awkward situation for anyone involved. But what is the best way to face this situation?

    According to the social, cultural, and communication expert from the University of Indonesia (UI) Dr. Devie Rahmawati, it is best that we avoid debating on presidential preferences against family members.

    “Avoid [having an argument], we must remember that family members are those who take care of us when we’re sick; not those presidential candidates,” said the doctor at the national museum in Central Jakarta on Tuesday, January 15.

    In terms of family group chats, Dr. Devie said that it is best to enforce a strict rule that limits the topic of discussions to elements that are not related to the family. “Non-family related things should not be discussed in the group chat room,” she said.

    “Remember this! When you die, it’s not the presidential candidates that will bury you but your relatives that are included in the Whatsapp group,” she reminded.