Match-Fixing Scandal; PSSI Treasurer: I Don`t Know Mrs. Lasmi



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • Former manager of Persibara Banjarnegara, Lasmi Indaryani (Left). TEMPO/Aditya Budiman

    Former manager of Persibara Banjarnegara, Lasmi Indaryani (Left). TEMPO/Aditya Budiman

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The treasurer of Indonesian Soccer Association (PSSI), Berlinton Siahaan, claimed he did not know Lasmi Indaryani, the former manager of football club Persibara Banjarnegara, who filed a police report on the match-fixing case.

    “I assert that I personally do not know about Mrs. Lasmi,” said Berlinton in the Jakarta Metro Police office, Monday evening, January 14.

    Lasmi is the one who reported the alleged match-fixing in the Liga Tiga Indonesia in Central Java. She was deceived since her football club did not pass to Liga Dua after transferring money to several parties. Due to the report, the match-fixing scandal issue has again become the public’s spotlight.

    The soccer anti-mafia task force investigated Berlinton yesterday following the report. Berlinton was grilled 27 questions for 9-hour investigation.

    The man who recently inaugurated as president director of PT Liga Indonesia Baru said the investigators dug in the finance mechanism in PSSI.

    Berlinton said he would be cooperative and ready to provide data required by the police regarding the match-fixing scandal. “We fully support the police,” he noted.

    The police had earlier named ten suspects on the match-fixing case in the PSSI Liga 3. The suspects are Johar Lin Eng, Priyanto and his daughter, Anik Yuni Artika Sari, Dwi Irianto alias Mbah Putih, a referee Nurul Safarid. The anti-mafia task force yesterday named five officers in the match of Persibara Banjarnegara against Persikabpas Pasuruan as the new suspects.