Thursday, 20 February 2020

Recovering Tourism after Sunda Strait Tsunami

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  • Trees damaged by the Sunda Strait tsunami in Pandeglang, Banten, Wednesday, January 2, 2019.  ANTARA

    Trees damaged by the Sunda Strait tsunami in Pandeglang, Banten, Wednesday, January 2, 2019. ANTARA

    TEMPO.CO, Banten - Tourism Minister Arief Yahya appreciates the actions taken by Lampung Governor Muhammad Ridho Ficardo in recovering the tourism sector in the coastal area of Sunda Strait after the tsunami hit the area on December 22, last year.

    “By using Branding, Advertising and Selling strategy or BAS,” said Minister Arief Yahya at the coordination meeting of the Tourism Sector Recovery Post Sunda Strait Tsunami in Marbella Convention Anyer Hotel, Serang, Banten on Friday, January 11. 

    Lampung Governor Ridho Ficardo said the Sunda Strait tsunami has taken many lives, caused loss of properties, and affected several tourism destinations in Lampung.

    To restore the tourism in Lampung, Ridho carries out the #ExcitingBanten #TheTreasureOfSumatra branding, creates advertising in all the media platform, until merchandise. As for the selling strategy, Ridho holds tourism events, Famtrips (Familiarization Trip), and roadshows. 

    The campaign of Lampung Tourism also viral in social media through hashtag #LampungItuKerreen and by organizing a Lampung Great Sale. That includes tour packet hot deals in collaboration with hotels, restaurants, travel agents and airlines to give the best prices and service.

    "We also do a beach clean up; collaborating with tourism stakeholders, press, and travel bloggers to create an image that Lampung is comfortable for traveling,” said Ridho.

    The Governmentalso gives financialassistance to thetourismdestinations hit by the tsunami to recovertheiramenities.

    The next step done by the Government of Lampung, according to Ridho is promoting tourism destination besides sea and beach.

    He mentioned that Lampung also has Grand Forest Park (Tahura) as mountain tourism, Bukit Barisan National Park, Way Kambas Park and a man-made tourism, such as the green hill, as well as culture and crafting tourism.