Cathy Sharon Angered for being Implicated in Online Prostitution



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesian actress Cathy Sharon expressed her animosity for being implicated in the online prostitution case that allegedly involved local celebrity Vanessa Angel, who was briefly arrested on Saturday, January 5 in Surabaya.

    Cathy objects that her name is mentioned in the online prostitution catalog that also listed a price for her service. Feeling she had has been the victim of a smear campaign against her, Cathy plans to file a police report with the assistance of her lawyer Sandy Arifin.

    “I will accompany her today. We will file a police report to the Metro Jaya Police,” Sandy told Tempo on Wednesday, January 9.

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    Sandy revealed that Cathy’s alleged photo is in fact edited where the body and head were stitched together and was labeled with a price tag of Rp60 million. “Parents from the school of Cathy’s child asked about it in their personal group chat,” said Sandy.