Durian Season has Arrived, Here are 4 Buying Tips



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Upon picking the perfect durian with deep rich skin color tone that contains luscious and juicy meat filling and an aromatic smell is not an easy task entering the durian season.

    Several experts in the field of durian picking from contests across West Kalimantan indicated that a good durian must fulfill the criteria of taste, meat thickness and color, its texture, and the shape of the durian itself.

    Although it cannot be generalized and might not apply to all durians, here are some indicators to guide you in your next durian feast:

    1. Impeccable outer shell

    Good durian fruit is mostly covered in a spiky yet impeccable outer shell that does not have any holes or damages. However, if you do find one that has holes across the shell, either small or large holes, be sure to test it by blowing air into the hole to make sure that there are no air pockets inside it that might mean it is rotten inside, and worse, might be infested with worms.

    1. Test its Freshness

    Take for instance any fruit you usually buy. Fresh and rich-tasting durian is also measured by the amount of slime at a durian’s stem, just where it was cut from its tree stalk. Durians that are dry with cracks along the shell might mean it has been sitting there for a while, which can cause it to taste bland.

    1. The weight of the Durian

    In some cases, a light durian is a sign that it will contain thick meat compared to a heavy one that generally means it has large and heavy seeds.

    1. Shake that Durian

    This shake test is similar in principle to the first one. By shaking a durian you can detect whether the insides of durian are hollow or tight and it can be used to test if the fruits are dry or juicy.