Women Involve in Online Prostitution Likely be Femicide Victim



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The alleged prostitution case involving national actresses has become public limelight. The National Commission of Anti-Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan) considered it as a deviant case.

    Komnas Perempuan said information related to the alleged online prostitution case was exaggerated and cornered the actress as the victim. If the case does not comprehensively administer, it was fear that it would prompt to a femicide case.

    Femicide is the killing of a girl or woman on account of her gender, as quoted from the website of Komnas Perempuan. It is the highest type of violence against women which can lead to death.

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    A thorough study on every violence against women was required because many women have become femicide victims, Komnas Perempuan noted in a statement. The victim also has the potential to face femicide in the form of gradual death due to damage on the reproductive organ.

    Such a condition might occur should there was no protection on the victim. Other factors that lead to femicide are the strong patriarchal power, power relations between the perpetrator and the victim, and the perpetrator is the closest people known by the victim.

    A femicide case tends to be recognized as a usual crime handled by the police, focus on the arrest of the perpetrator, lack of study on gender-based violence, lack of discussion, and lack of concern to the effort of the recovery of victims and family.

    Komnas Perempuan recorded femicide was a rare case to be reported to the commission or public service because most of the victims had died. While in fact, human rights on dignity, truth, justice, and others do not stop with the loss of life.