30,000 Tons Imported Corn Awaits SOE Ministry's Assignment



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • Corn harvest in Jati Plantation, East Java. Special

    Corn harvest in Jati Plantation, East Java. Special

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Director General of Foreign Trade Oke Nurwan said his side was still processing the import permit of 30,000 tons of corn. “The import permit is in process, as we are requesting an assignment,” said Oke in the Trade Ministry, Monday, January 7. 

    Oke explained the State Logistics Agency (Bulog) was requesting additional import of corns worth 30,000 tons. However, the agency could only commence the import after obtaining an assignment from the Minister of State-owned Enterprises (SOE). 

    Earlier in 2018, the government set the quota of imported corn at 100,000 tons through Bulog, and that recently Coordinating Minister for Economy Affairs Darmin Nasution decided to add another 30,000 tons of imported corns. The move was aimed at keeping the stability of corn prices to avert higher prices of animal feed, which could prompt an increase in egg prices in markets. 

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    Oke further explained the additional import of 30,000 tons of corn had been canvassed in a limited coordination meeting (rakortas). “Rakortas suggests to add more import, and the addition is 30,000 tons of corns,” he said. 

    The planned import, Oke added, would enter Indonesia in March 2019. According to him, the imported corn in March would not coincide with the harvest time. “No, we have held rakortas, and it [the imported corn arrival] has been discussed with all parties,” Oke affirmed.