Knowing 4 Types of Visa for Your Next Trip Overseas



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - There are a number of requirements that you need to know regarding visa in general, especially after the incident involving actor Lee Jong Suk being deported from Indonesia by the immigration for using an incorrect visa.

    Immigration said that Lee should have used a business visa upon attending his fan meet up that the immigration deemed as a form of work for Lee.

    So, here is a general explanation of four types of visa based on their uses. Note that each country has its own unique policy and it is urged for you to research it further:

    1. Tourist Visa

    This is the most often used visa by travelers that travel overseas across country borders. It is also the easiest to attain compared to other types of visas since you would only need to apply to state embassy and fulfill its requirements one month prior to your visit to another country.

    1. Visa for Business Inquiry

    A business visitor visa is meant for those who intend to conduct business upon their visit to another country. It would be easier once you manage to obtain a recommendation letter from your workplace in your country of origin.

    1. Work Visa

    This type of visa has varying expiration dates starting from a month, 6 months, up to one year, which will depend on how long you intend to work at the country you visit. It is tougher to obtain this visa compared to the previous ones.

    1. Student Visa

    For those of you planning on studying overseas, make sure that you own a student or a study permit for other some countries. However, some counties can only enable you to obtain this visa after you have been accepted by a school or university, which means that you cannot travel to another country in search of a school or university.