Pimps Hunted in Actress Prostitution Involving Vanessa Angel



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - East Java Police Department’s Special Criminal Investigation Director Grand Commissioner Ahmad Yusep announced that the police are hunting down the hustlers implicated in the high-profile prostitution case involving actress Vanessa Angel.

    He explained that an investigation is ongoing to unravel the pimps or hustlers that have been offering the services of domestic celebrities to customers. Police suspect that a large number of these social media celebrities, locally known as selebgram, have allegedly used the service of this particular pimp.

    “The transaction areas cross regional borders,” said Yusep on Sunday.

    As of now, police have detained two suspects, Endang S (25) and Tantri N (28) for their involvement as the matchmaker between customers and the celebrity prostitutes. Police suspicion was backed by the suspect’s lawyer Heru Prayitno who maintained that his clients were not the sole players in this high-profile actress online prostitution.

    The East Java police revealed that the actresses’ services cost around from Rp25 million – Rp80 million. The actress prostitution network was revealed after Vanessa Angel was arrested on Saturday, January 5, at a hotel room in Surabaya.