Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Indonesia's Region of Sumba, NTT

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  • TEMPO.CO, Kupang - Cherry Blossom, famous Japan's flower known as Sakura, is also blooming in Indonesia’s region of East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). The local government, therefore, will grow the flower so it can be a new tourist attraction in eastern part of Sumba Island.

    East Sumba regent Gidion Mbilijora said he would grow the sakura flowers as one of the new tourist attractions there. “The environmental agency is growing hundreds of cherry blossom saplings,” he said.

    The development of the new touristry object is started by planting the saplings of Sakura in a number of locations in Waingapu City, such as in front of the regency office and city park, before growing them in East Sumba's savannas.

    The cherry blossom starts blooming in September and can bloom until more than two months. So, it can be a good tourist attraction for quite a long period.

    Gideon hoped the cherry blossom or Sakura would add to East Sumba’s famous tourist attraction. This Indonesia’s region is known for its savannas, beaches, megalithic, sandalwood horses, and woven fabric.