Sukabumi Landslide, 20 Victims Have Yet to be Found



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Sukabumi Regency stated that as many as 20 people, who became the victims of the Sukabumi landslide in Kampung Garehong, Cimapag hamlet, Sirnaresmi village, Cisolok sub-district, had not been found until today.

    “The names of the victims who have not been found are the result of reports from residents who lost their family members after the landslide that hit Sirnaresmi village,” said Eka Widiaman, the BPBD’s Emergency Section Head of Sukabumi Regency, to reporters on Thursday, January 3.

    The residents reported missing in the landslide on December 31 were: Sukiat, Enah, Madtuha, Aryanah, Elni, Sugandi, Adsih, Emah, Mirha, Armi, Suyeti, Asep, Serli, Ecih, Lina, Ruhesih, Mulyani, Adsa, Miah and Andra.

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    While the 13 victims found dead and identified were Hendra (38 years old), Sasa (4), Ukri (50), Riska (27), Rita (15), Yanti (38), Ahudi (60), Suryani (35), Jumhadi (47), Yarni (26), Sukiman (75), Umih (70) and Enda (43).

    On the third day of the search, the joint SAR team moved to the location where the victims were buried by landslides and prepared heavy equipment to get rid of house debris, mud and landslide material.

    During the search, the evacuation team must be vigilant because rain can come down at any time and trigger a landslide. Early Thursday, the reporters covering the search for victims heard a roaring sound from the location of the landslide.