5 Tips for Solo Travelers



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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Solo traveling may be challenging. You could enjoy natural scenery alone, have a peaceful trip, but also discovering new things.

    Travel expert Breffni Horgan stated that traveling alone has many benefits than traveling in a group. “Everyone tells you that traveling will make you more confident, that you’ll find yourself, that you’ll be creatively inspired. That’s all true, but only if you take a chance on solo travel and embrace the challenges that will inevitably pop up along the way," Horgan told the Bustle.

    However, feeling anxious or fear when traveling alone is inevitable. Many things can go wrong. So here are five tips for you to prepare before starting solo travel.

    1. Create a loose itinerary

    When preparing an itinerary, create it loosely between one to another agenda. Thus, you will worry less if there is a burden or you get lost.

    2. Wisely choose destinations

    If you have three days for traveling, be realistic and wisely choose destinations that you want the most and worth to visit. Don’t be hard on yourself to visit all tourist sites in a short period, or you will get exhausted instead of enjoying the holiday.

    3. Maintain health

    The simplest tips for solo travel is maintaining health. Do not starve your stomach and fully load it with foods. Take a rest during your trip. Always take with you mineral water and snacks.

    4. Be patient

    Many people generally take a vacation during long holidays. So, be patient. Bad weather or fully packed tourism sites may ruin your solo travel and force you to leave.

    5. Do research first

    This is the most vital preparation to do. Do your research on what you need during a trip, such as a hotel, restaurants, tourist attractions, routes, and others, and make sure your destination is a safe area.