Sukabumi Landslide, 15 Dead Victims Found



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The joint team for the search of victims of Sukabumi landslide, in Kampung Garehong, Cimapag hamlet, Sirnaresmi village, Cisolok sub-district, Sukabumi regency, West Java, discovered the bodies of the buried residents.

    “Until this afternoon, we found 13 dead victims,” said Military Resort Commander 061 Suryakencana, Colonel Muhammad Hasan, told reporters at the disaster post on Monday, January 1.

    Hasan said the number of dead victims buried became 15 people. Earlier on Monday, December 31 night, a joint evacuation team found two victims.

    “Until now, there are still six bodies on site,” Hasan explained.

    Hasan ensured the results of detailed data collection in the field indicated the number of victims buried in total was 35 people. With the discovery of 15 dead bodies, there are only 20 left.

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    “We need to say, there has been confusion in the data. The number of residents in the village is 101 people. Then there is one baby who died in the hospital. So the data is 15 victims who have been found including the baby who died in the hospital,” he explained.

    Based on the information, seven people who had previously been found were identified as Hendra, Sasa, Ukri, Riska, Ahudi, Rita, and Yanti. While six bodies that are still in the location have not been identified.

    “Later we will bring the bodies to DVI to be identified,” he explained.

    The process of searching and evacuating victims buried by landslides in Sukabumi was using a number of heavy equipment.

    “Earlier, we used several heavy types of equipment to facilitate the search process,” Hasan said.