16 Indonesian Designers Join Fashion Show in Paris



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A total of 16 Indonesian designers showcased their works at international fashion show 'La Mode' Sur la Seine a Paris in Paris, France, on December 1, 2018. The event was held onboard the Boreas ship cruising along Seine River. 

    The designers were Deden Siswanto, Lenny Agustin, Lisa Fitria, Sofie, Ali Charisma, Shanty Couture, Identix by Irma Susanti, Lia Mustafa, Lia Soraya, Rosie Rahmadi, #Markamarie, Instituto Di Moda Burgo Indonesia, ZELMIRA by SMK NU Batat in collaboration with makeup artists from SMK GRI 1 Kudus, and REBORN29 by Sukriyah Rusdy. 

    A collection of Muslim fashion by Lisa Fitria and Lia Mustofa kicked off the show. The director general for small and medium enterprises at the Industry Ministry, Gati Wibawaningsih, said Muslim fashion was chosen as the country targeted to transform Indonesia as the hub of global modest fashion. 

    “We hope visitors can see and give positive feedbacks for the improvement of the Indonesian Muslim fashion industry in Europe,” she said. 

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    Gati explained domestic market opportunities of Muslim fashion in the country reached US$20 billion with an average consumption rate at 18.2 percent per annum. The industry of Indonesian Muslim fashion controlled 1.9 percent of the global market share with an export value of US$13.29 billion. 

    “Indonesia is one of five largest exporting OKI (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) countries,” she noted, adding that she hoped Indonesia could dominate 30 percent of the Muslim fashion industry among OKI countries. 

    The chairman of the Indonesian Fashion Chamber, Ali Charisma, said designers of Muslim fashion already had a strong market. “However, many do not know the international standards.” Thus, she said trainings were necessary for designers to be acquainted with market standards and desires.