4 Tourism Areas in Lampung Damaged by Sunda Strait Tsunami



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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A number of tourist destinations including attraction, amenity, and accessibility in South Lampung confirmed to be damaged by the Sunda Strait tsunami.

    “We conducted monitoring and data collection related to the impact of the tsunami that occurred in Banten and Lampung on Saturday night,” said the Crisis Tourism Center (TCC) team leader, Guntur Sakti, who is also the Ministry of Tourism Communication’s (Kemenpar) Head of Public Communication Bureau in Jakarta, Sunday, December 23.

    Guntur said that from the data compiled by the TCC Team from South Lampung Regency, three main things related to tourism, namely attraction, amenity, and accessibility in South Lampung, were affected by the Sunda Strait tsunami.

    Here are the areas affected by the Sunda Strait tsunami.

    1. All beaches in Bakauheni Sub-district

    Guntur said that all the beaches in Bakauheni Sub-district were affected by the tsunami. The beaches are Tanjung Tuha beach, Minang Rua beach, and Belebuk beach.

    2. Beaches on the coast of Rajabasa

    The beaches here are Kahai beach, Kunjir beach, Way Muli beach, Wartawan de Mansion beach, Banding beach, Canti beach, and Batu Kapal beach.

    3. Beaches on the coast of Kalianda

    The beaches along the coast of Kalianda Sub-district are Maja Beach, Kedu Beach, Ketang Beach, Laguna/Alau2 Beach, Bagus Beach, Tanjung Beo Beach, Sappenan Beach, Grand Elty Mangrove Forest, Kalianda Resort beach, Merak Belantung Beach, Marina Beach, and Teluk Nipah beach.

    4. Affected islands

    Some of the islands in Lampung affected are Sebesi island, Sekepel island, and Legundi island.

    “Most of the areas affected by the tsunami are natural attractions such as beaches and islands. However, for attractions that are culture-based and artificial have not been recorded and are in the effort of coordination,” said Guntur Sakti.

    While those related to amity, three hotels in South Lampung were damaged, including the Hotel Journalist Mansion with 15 damaged rooms, the Grand Elty Krakatoa Hotel, the restaurant was swept away, and the Kahaii Beach Resort, which suffered damage at the beachfront facilities.

    A total of 102 PLN substations were still damaged and 20 SUTM (Medium Voltage Air Channels) collapsed.

    “For accessibility, Boom Dock in Kalianda is reportedly damaged,” he said.

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    As for land, road access to the beaches along the coast in Bakauheni Sub-district, Rajabasa Sub-district, and Kalianda Sub-district is also reported to have been damaged.

    “While there is no report of damage to air accessibility so far,” he said.

    The Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya said the Ministry of Tourism activates the Crisis Center Team to monitor access, amenity and attraction directly related to tourists in Banten and Lampung. The TCC team will continue to monitor and report on the latest conditions, particularly related to tsunami-affected tourism in Banten and Lampung.