KPK on OTT at Kemenpora: KONI Employees Not Paid for 5 Months



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) deputy commissioner Saut Situmorang expressed his sadness in the wake of the corrupt practices in the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the National Sports Committee (KONI).

    “We learn an information that a number of KONI members have not been paid for five months,” said Saut in his office, Wednesday, December 19.

    Saut did not stated that the late salary payment was caused by the ongoing corruption case handled by the anti-graft body. However, he added, that it showed dull management in the committee. Not to mention that KPK investigators had seized a whopping amount of Rp7 billion of money during a sting operation in KONI office on Tuesday, December 18.

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    KPK spokesperson Febri Diansyah said that the fund was kickbacks related to a grant from the ministry to KONI which amounted to Rp17.9 billion in the 2018 fiscal year.

    The grant disbursement was allegedly corrupted. KPK suspected the proposal and the grant distribution was merely a corruption trick that was not based on the initial need. Because, before the proposal was submitted, officials in the ministry and KONI had earlier agreed to allocate a fee worth 19.13 percent or Rp3.4 billion.

    In this case, KPK named five graft suspects from the ministry and KONI, namely secretary-general of KONI Ending Fuad Hamidy and treasurer Jhonny E. Awuy for giving the bribe, as well as the ministry deputy IV Mulyana, commitment-making official Adhi Purnomo, and the ministry staff Eko Triyanto as the bribe recipient.