Banda Aceh Deputy Mayor Calls for Leuser Ecosystem Preservation



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Banda Aceh Deputy Mayor Aminullah Usman calls all city people to actively participate in the efforts to maintain, preserve, and advocate the Leuser Ecosystem (KEL). The area is one of the world’s last best tropical forest.

    Aminullah conveyed his statement during Banda Aceh Car Free Day on Sunday, December 16, on Jalan Tgk Daud Beureueh. Sponsored by the Aceh Forest, Nature, and Environment Foundation (Haka), the event raised a theme of Saving KEL. Haka established various activities such as coloring competition, theatrical act, dance by Didong, and song by local band Apache.

    According to Aminullah, KEL is one of the most influential conservation in the world that has many extraordinary biodiversities. “KEL has been set as the national strategic area by the government for its significant, valuable role for Indonesia and even the world."

    The Leuser Ecosystem, Aminullah added, strongly supported people’s lives around the area through its ecological function. The area helps to manage the water and as guardian from disaster. “Besides, KEL is heaven for many habitats, such as tiger, rhinoceros, orangutan, Sumatra elephant, those endangered animals,” he underlined.

    Haka head Farwiza Farhan said KEL is the last place in the world which is the home for rhinoceros, elephant, tiger, orangutan. “Imagine those endangered animals live in the same area. If it is not us,  who will preserve them?” he remarked.

    During the occasion, the winner of 2016 Whitley Award honored by a British conservation agency charity expressed his appreciation for the clean and beautiful Banda Aceh. “Banda Aceh is one of the cleanest cities and prettiest and convenient to live in,” Aminullah noted.