Minister Warns People as Robot Become More Developed



Ali Akhmad Noor Hidayat

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Communication and Informatics Minister Rudiantara, said that the development of robot technology cannot be taken lightly. Rudiantara asserted that there is a high possibility that robots may replace humans.

    The Minister said robots can replace repetitive works, making it highly efficient compared to humans. "All the repetitive works are just waiting for its time to be replaced by a new process, more efficient process that is robots. A robot has artificial intelligence technology, it has IoT sensor," Rudiantara said on Saturday, December 15, 2018.

    However, Rudiantara said that robots cannot replace humans for works that require special skills, such as works in the field of banking and accounting.

    “If it is more specialist, robots will not [replace humans]. For example, in the banking sector, customer services may be replaced with a chatbot, but more specific works will not,” the Minister said.

    Therefore, Rudiantara urged people to improve their skills and special ability to prevent from being replaced by robots.

    “This means we need to improve our more specific abilities so we will not be replaced by robots. Robots have many technology,” Rudiantara said.