Expert Talks of Exaggerated Reaction against Shopee BLACKPINK Ad



Untung Widyanto

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -  Certified Sexual Psychologist Zoya Amirin, voiced her concern related to the online petition calling to ban Shopee's commercial featuring South Korean girlband BLACKPINK, and called the protest as an exaggeration.

    The online petition was submitted by Maimon Herawati at, urging the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) to stop the distribution and broadcasting of the commercial after condemning the South Korean girl group of wearing indecent outfits that are not appropriate for younger generations who watch the commercial.

    According to Zoya, there are many alternatives that are more important and effective to provide children with proper sexual education.

    "There are things that can significantly affect a child's sexual health, such as sexual appreciation behaviors, either from women to men, or otherwise. That is what we should focus on," Zoya argued. Currently, nearly around 123,000 people have signed up for the petition.

    Furthermore, such polemics like this has caused Zoya to be more concerned by the perception planted onto society, that will present women as the source of immoral behaviors.

    "Commenting or arguing on things [like Shopee's BLACKPINK commercial] will only strengthen the belief that women are sources of immoral behaviors," said the psychologist.