Police Deny Presence of FBI Agent in Solo

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  • TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The Secretary of the National Central Bureau-International Police (NCB-Interpol) in Indonesia Brig. Gen. Dadang Garnida has denied reports that two FBI agents had entered Solo, Central Java to investigate the possible presence of the Al Qaeda terrorist network in Indonesia. “There’s no such thing,” Dadang said following the inauguration of Maluku Police chief at National Police (Polri) headquarters in Jakarta today (15/1). “If we want a discourse about this possibility, then we should talk about it,” Dadang added. He says police are still investigating these rumors. Dadang stated that FBI agents do not have free access to Indonesian regions. He also said police have confirmed this matter with the US Embassy in Jakarta. The Embassy has also denied the presence of these FBI agents in Indonesia. According to the Embassy, there was no order for agents to embark on such a mission in Indonesia. Dadang said, “Certain procedures must be adhered to in this regard. Besides, if the US did despatch FBI agents to Indonesia, their Defense Attach officer would have told us first." He rejected suggestions that certain radical Islamic groups in Solo were carrying out activities connected with Al Qaeda group. Based on investigations conducted by Interpol, Dadang said police had come up with no evidence suggesting the presence of the Al Qaeda group in Indonesia. As reported earlier, the New York Times and Washington Post newspapers had mentioned the existence of the Al Qaeda network in Indonesia and suggested that the US government target Indonesia in the war against terrorism. “They have the right to make such speculation,” Dadang said. Still, he added that Interpol has yet to find any indication of such activities.