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Papua Asks Govt to Connect the Region with Sea Toll Papua provincial government hoped that the sea toll would
reach Papua in order to help boost development in the
Sunday, 29 March 2015 | 17:00
Maruarar Sirait: Megawati is the Unifying Force of All Cadres Maruarar Sirait, Chairman of the Central Executive Board of
the PDIP, said that all cadres of the party would choose
Megawati as their chairperson.
Erick Thohir to Own Inter in Two Weeks
Friday, 11 October, 2013 | 18:32 WIB
Erick Thohir to Own Inter in Two Weeks

TEMPO.CO, Milan - Tough negotiation between Massimo Moratti and Erick Thohir will soon come to an end as Thohir was reported to the majority share of Inter Milan FC by the end of this month. La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that the acquisition must be completed before October 28, which means that Thohir will take over Inter Milan within the next two-weeks.

Erick was said to own 70 percent of Inter Milan's shares. However, Moratti, who seems reluctant to let Inter go, did not directly decide whether or not he should trust Thohir as the club's shareholder.

Moratti has been the club's president since 1995. With the recent financial trouble, Moratti began to lose some of his shares as the club search for more funds to be able to compete in the European competition.