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Saturday, 10 October 2015 | 23:04
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Saturday, 10 October 2015 | 22:08
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YouTube Airs Footage of Poso Terorrists' Call for Jihad  
Santoso flanked by two men carrying rifles on YouTube.
Friday, 06 September, 2013 | 07:20 WIB
YouTube Airs Footage of Poso Terorrists' Call for Jihad  

TEMPO.CO, Poso - Tensions again escalate in Central Sulawesi’s  conflict-torn regency of Poso following the circulation of a footage of suspected terrorists calling on the nation’s Muslims to join their jihad in the region.

The three-minute-fifty-three-second footage was uploaded on YouTube by the East Indonesian Mujahiddin via an android cell phone on July 8, 2013 or around two days after the emergence of similar footage by suspected terrorist Santoso Abu Warda.

The video, titled “Poso Called You”, called on Indonesian Muslims to participate in the jihad against the government.

“Greetings to our Muslim brothers, in jail or overseas, in Poso, Palu and anywhere. Be patient, we are fighting against the tyrant government and, God willing, God will help us destroy the thagut (oppressors). God willing. Aameen,” the footage showed.

Another part of the footage showed an anasheed (chants) saying, “We are the lions of Ar-Rahman are not afraid to destroy arrogance. We the lions or Ar-Rahman are not afraid…ready to fight our enemies…to tear them apart…Our struggle will not tremble…Poso awaits you…to do your aimless ghirah (protective jealousy)…keep your spirits up! Raise your weapons! Poso awaits you. Poso awaits you. Brothers, what are you waiting for.”

Wanted terrorist Santoso alias Abu Warda alias Commandant appeared on another footage, wearing a black hood and flanked by two masked men holding FNC rifles. The footage, titled “Message to Muslims in Poso” , was uploaded on July 6, 2013 with duration of six minutes and three seconds.

Santoso, whose name was written as Syaikh Abu Wardah Santoso on the footage, said he was proud of the struggle of Poso residents against the police’s anti-terror squad Special Detachment 88 (Densus 88).

“To my brothers in Poso, I have witnessed how evil the Densus 88 was in slaughtering and imprisoning our brothers since 2007 to date. And I experienced that first hand,” Santoso said while holding up an FN 46 pistol.

Santoso also called on his colleagues to continue battling the Densus 88, whom he dubbed as the real enemy.

The police removed the video several days later. “We removed the video so that people will not watch it,” Indonesian National Police chief General Timur Pradopo said at the presidential palace on July 11, 2013.

The general said the police removed the video in tandem with the Informatics and Communication Ministry and investigations are still underway. “We are taking more intensive measures,” he said.