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Global Oil Prices Rebound on Wednesday Morning Up from its lowest point in six years due to depreciating
United States (US) dollar.
Wednesday, 28 January 2015 | 15:28
ICW Gives Bad Score for Jokowi’s First 100 Days Jokowi was lacking breakthroughs and agendas in the effort to
eradicate corruption, the anti-graft watchdog says.
Beware of Corona Virus
Tuesday, 14 May, 2013 | 19:21 WIB
Beware of Corona Virus

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Health Ministry’s Environmental Hygiene and Disease Control (P2PL) Director General Tjandra Yoga Aditama has encouraged the public to raise awareness on the possibility of corona virus entering Indonesia—the virus caused SARS-like symptoms. The corona virus, or scientifically known as the MERS-CoV or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, can be transmitted between humans.


"As precautions to the possibility of the disease coming in to Indonesia, we've sent a letter to the Health Board and the Port Health Boards [KKP] across Indonesia to raise awareness on the corona virus," said Tjandra Yoga via email on Saturday, May 4. Supervision will be conducted especially on patients who have been infected with SARS. 


Monitoring is not only conducted in hospitals but also in airports on passengers with symptoms of fever, cough and shortness of breath. Tjandra reminded Hajj pilgrims who are traveling to Saudi Arabia to always be aware of these symptoms. "Always implement hygienic and healthy living, and always wash hands with soap," said Tjandra. "Furthermore, don’t panic," he added.