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Bone Bolango Prepares for Sail Tomini Event The Regent of Bone Bolango, Hamim Pou, said that local
residents fully support the Sail Tomini that will involve two
Saturday, 28 March 2015 | 19:50
Expert Calls Ahok an Anti-Criticism Leader Political communication expert Tjipta Lesmana calls the
jakarta Governor an anti-criticism leader who could not
handle critics.
Monday, 25 June, 2012 | 22:01 WIB
@TrioMacan2000: ‘Not Worried About Police Summons’
TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:Owner of the @TrioMacan2000 Twitter account expressed readiness to face Junior Attorney General for Supervision Marwan Effendi, who reported him for alleged defamation through his tweets the Twitter social media. "I’m not worried about having to reveal my identity. I’m ready to answer the police summons,” said the @TrioMacan2000 account owner when contacted by Tempo, Saturday, June 23, 2012. According to him or her, Marwan’s allegation was misplaced. “He thought @Trio Macan2000 was Fajriska, but he’s wrong.” In his report to the Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters, Marwan explained that the owner of the Twitter account @fajriska, with the name of Mirza Fajriska aka Boy, has been spreading false information related to corruption cases at BRI in 2003. He suspects another Twitter account, who is also spreading false rumors, under the name of @TrioMacan2000. “I'll leave it up to the police to conduct an investigation, the owner may be the same,” said Marwan. When contacted by Tempo, Marwan said he was in Surabaya. “I’m giving a lecture,” he said, Saturday afternoon, June 23, 2012. The account owner of @TrioMacan2000 said he or she would reveal all documents involving Marwan if he or she was investigated. He or she also wrote it in his or her tweet on Twitter, “I’ll spill all the beans to the investigators, including a description of KPD, proof of Junior Attorney’s collusion with the banking mafias (Ricard Latif cs)." He or she also stated that he or she had never been terrorized in connection with cases involving Marwan. “A long time ago, I was terrorized, yes, but in relation to other cases,” he or she said. Owner of @fajriska account sang like a canary. According to him or her, Marwan who was then serving as Special Crimes Assistant at DKI Jakarta Province Attorney General Office (Kejati), was suspected of embezzling money that was part of evidence in the amount of Rp500 billion. Marwan denied it. “Kajati DKI has repeatedly explained this. I also heard that BRI had also explained it,” said Marwan. MUSTAFA SILALAHI | ERWIN Z