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'Conflict in Pelauw Not Triggered by Customary Issues': Human Right Commission
TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:Johny Nelson, a member of the National Commission for Human Rights (Komnas HAM), has asserted that the conflict in Pelauw Village, Central Maluku, which occurred early this month, was not related to religious or customary issues. “It’s a conflict of ruler and the ruled. Residents with ‘different opinions’ will be repressed,” said Johny in a press conference at the Komnas HAM office on Thursday. The Komnas HAM, based on the institution’s investigation, has drawn different conclusion from the inference made by the Maluku Police. The Maluku Police said that the incident which claimed six lives was triggered by horizontal or internal conflict involving the Salampessy clan. Furthermore, the police said that such violence was new to the village. “In fact, it has happened before. It’s a conflict of ruler and those who are ruled, those who are being suppressed for criticizing the Pelauw Village administration,” said Johny. MUNAWWAROH