Jokowi Asks College Students to Hold Rally to Support Govt

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) expected students from universities in Indonesia conduct rally to support government programs. His statement came when welcomed the participants of National Student Conference at Bogor Palace on Friday (Dec. 7).

    “I never have any rally to support me. Please, do so. Demonstration which support. I was left on my own, but then considered as foreign stooge,” Jokowi said.

    National Student Conference took place at the National Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta on Dec 3 to 6. From the event, there are 11 recommendations in human resources development, education, teacher welfare, social justice, and human rights enforcement.

    After accepting the recommendation, Jokowi hoped the students would also support a number of government tasks, including to take a number of economic resources which had been controlled by foreign. He also mentioned about Mahakam block, which has been taken 100 percent by state-owned oil company PT Pertamina in 2015.

    “There was also Rokan block that managed by Chevron, more than 30 years under America management and now 100 percent has been won by PT Pertamina,” Jokowi explained.

    Jokowi also mentioned about the achievements of negotiating the 51 percent divestment of Freeport shares that in the middle of this year. He stressed that negotiation has been done for 3.5 years.

    Insya Allah (By God`s willing), in December we will complete 100 percent and majority 51 percent will be owned by PT Inalum consortium, our State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN),” Jokowi added.

    Jokowi said that a pressure was felt in taking over these economic resources. However, strong commitment from both the government and people in making those efforts a success.

    “Is it easy to do? Is there any pressure? Of course it is not easy, but I’m not hesitating,” Jokowi said.