Anies Baswedan Assures Stable Food Price Ahead of Christmas

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan assured the stability of food price in the city ahead of Christmas on December 25 this year. He said that the food stock is safe.

    “Yesterday, I visited Pasar Jaya. I check [the price] generally, and there is no worry,” said Anies Friday, December 7, in the City Hall, Central Jakarta. 

    Anies said that his side is currently carrying out a long-term project in a bid to increase the food supply in the capital city. For example, by improving the quantity of partnership between city-owned slaughterhouse Dharma Jaya and other Indonesian provinces.

    One of the provinces ready to scale-up the ties with Jakarta provincial government is East Java administration. “East Java Governor says that they are ready to distribute more supply [for Jakarta],” said Anies.

    The large stock of meat will drop the price, and that will also increase meat consumption of Jakartans.

    As of date, Anies Baswedan said that Jakarta has a low supply of meat, whereas the city daily requires 160 tons. “That's why now the price is quite high,” he added.