30 World's Largest Corpse Flowers to Bloom in Bengkulu  

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  • TEMPO.CO, Kepahaing - A total of 30 Amorphophallus titanum and Amorphophallus gigas will bloom throughout 2019 at the Carrion Flower Conservation Park in Kepahiang, Bengkulu Province.

    "We find that some 30 carrion flowers have passed their vegetative state and will soon bloom throughout 2019," said Zulzum Dihamzal, an officer of the Carrion Flower Conservation Park, Kepahiang on Thursday, December 6, 2018.

    "After the vegetative state ends, the tree and leaves of the carrion flower will rot, and new flower will grow from the root buried beneath the land. The root weighs 100 kilograms which function as food reserve during the blooming," Zulzum explained.

    The Amorphophallus titanum is the world's largest flowering plant which its inflorescence can reach over 2.5 meters in height with over 1.5 meters width of the florets. Meanwhile, Amorphophallus gigas is also the largest flowering plant with a somewhat smaller flower.

    "Both types of carrion flower are endemic to Sumatra Island. Thus, we maintain to preserve the flowers to prevent failure to bloom," he added.

    Zulzum continued to say that visitors could visit the park riding a motorcycle or car for an hour trip from Bengkulu City to Tebat Monok Village in Kepahiang District.