4 Foods that Make You Look Older  

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - As we age, wrinkles are inevitable. It is not only come to old people but also youths.

    There are many factors that accelerate the aging process, including foods. To prevent premature aging, you should avoid eating these four following foods on daily basis.

    1. Red meat

    Red meat is one of the foods that may cause wrinkles on your face. Roasted meat produces carbon material which damages your skin as well as your body. In addition, to maintain healthy skin, it is better to avoid canned meat.

    2. Dairy product

    Milk indeed riches in calcium. However, dairy products may produce stress hormone and lactose which trigger wrinkles on your skin.

    3. Sugar

    Sugar is among foods that accelerate wrinkle formation because it affects the body’s blood vessel, and so it causes premature aging.

    4. Fried foods

    Fries has low nutrition. It kinds of damaged fats you commonly found in fast foods. Trans fat reduces the fluidity of your cells and causes inflammation alias aging.