Like Suhay Salim, Here are 3 Unique Weddings in 2018

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  • Suhay Salim.

    Suhay Salim.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Many young couples have married in a unique way, mainly unique because of its outlandish ideas or the simplicity of its concept such as the recent wedding of known beauty vlogger Suhay Salim.

    Her marriage was announced online displaying an image of Suhay and her husband at the Religious Affairs Office (KUA) on Sunday, December 2.

    However, the striking thing about the photo Suhay uploaded is that there was nothing visually striking about it and it rather showed a more casual nuance.

    Suhay Salim was more than happy to share her moment of happiness where both wore casual outfits such as a pair of jeans under a tee and blazer. Same goes to her husband who wore a blue collar shirt on top of casual pants.

    The following are 3 other unique weddings that took place in 2018:

    1. Online Wedding

    Khailee Ng and Elisa Khong both got married online on Sunday, November 18, 2018. Khailee, managing partner at 500 Startups in Silicon Valley which has risen to 1,800 startups in 60 countries. While Elisa Khong is the Executive Director of China Overseas Petroleum Corporation and volunteer at Kechara Soup Kitchen.

    Both conducted a virtual wedding party known as cloud wedding and invited guests to witness their wedding online, which in this case had hundreds of guests arriving online from 35 countries.

    2. Fashion Show

    Young aspiring designer Dominique Nadine married Joseph Immanuel at the Cathedral Church in Central Jakarta on September 8. Their wedding party had a fashion show entitled “The Dominion”, inspired by the hit series Game of Thrones.

    3. Sumpah Pemuda (Youth Pledge)

    Upon welcoming the Youth Pledge day in Yogyakarta, Friday, October 26. The Ta’aruf Indonesia forum (Fortais) Yogyakarta held a unique wedding procession where couples Sophi Arifudin and Suyani got married in the midst of a furniture and handicraft exhibition Sophi Arifudin dan Suyani. The newly-weds also voiced the youth pledge after they tied the knot.