KPK Questions Bribery Suspects in Telecom Tower Permit Case

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has summoned five suspects of a bribery case. KPK spokesman Febri Diansyah said in Jakarta they will be questioned about the alleged bribery practice during the licensing process for the construction of telecommunications towers in Mojokerto Regency in 2015.

    The five suspects who will be questioned are Nabiel Titawano, AchmadSuhawiand Ahmad Subhan from the private sector, Malang deputy regent for the period of 2010-2015, Tower Bersama Infrastructure's (Tower Bersama Group) permit and regulatory division head Ockyanto, and PT.ProfesionalTelekomunikasi Indonesia's (Protelindo) director of operations Onggo Wijaya.

    The officials of Tower Bersama Group and Protelindo are accused of promising a bribe Mustofa Kamal Pasa, who was acting as Bupati Mojokerto at the time.

    They allegedly bribedMustofato get the Principal Use of Space Permit (IPPR) and Building Construction Permit (IMB) for the construction of communication towers in Mojokerto in 2015; 11 towers by Tower Bersama and 11 by Protelindo.

    On April 18, the Corruption Eradication Commission named inactive Mojokerto Regent Mustofa Kamal Pasa as a suspect, together with Ockyanto and Onggo Wijaya.

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    Nabiel Titawano, AchmadSuhawi, and Ahmad Subhan were named suspects on 7 November.

    Mustofa Kamal Pasa allegedly took Rp2.73 billion in rewards for approving the IPPR andIMBfor the Tower Bersama Group and Protelindo's tower construction.