Rainfall Rises, Bekasi City Prepares to Overcome Flooding

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  • TEMPO.CO, Bekasi - Bekasi City administration, West Java, intensified the supervision of the channel that has the potential to hinder the water stream that could trigger flooding in the surrounding area.

    “The drain team (orange force of Bekasi City) work every day to normalize the channel,” said Head of Water Resources, Bekasi City, Yudianto on Sunday, November 11.

    Yudi said, his agency also alerted the Fast Reaction Unit (URC) team. The team immediately completes the inundation point, but it minimizes, not immediately eliminates it. “Overcoming flooding is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand,” Yudi said.

    Yudi said, Bekasi City became a flood-prone area because of its low elevation, tending to be flat, only two degrees above sea level.

    Formerly in the eastern region of Jakarta, there were many swamps as the place to store water naturally. “Swamps or rice fields have changed functions,” he said.

    One example is the Narogong Indah Park Housing in Rawalumbu District. Before it was built, the area was once a rice field. Therefore, currently the location of the housing is in a basin, so it is prone to flooding if there is high-intensity rain. “So now a lot of water polder is built, as a replacement for the lost swamp,” he said.

    Yudi said, at least eight water polders had been built as another effort to anticipate flooding. Among them are in the Pengasinan (Rawalumbu), Arenjaya (East Bekasi), Danita (East Bekasi), Vila Indah Pemai (North Bekasi), Kalibaru (West Bekasi), Bendung Koja (Jatiasih), Ikip (Jatiasih), Galaxi (South Bekasi).